Local Filmmaker Profile: Grant Carsten

Grant Carsten, a 21 year old student at University of Utah is following the passion for filmmaking he developed as a Park City high school student. Originally, he wanted to be an actor. In the fall of 2011, he took a script-writing class which sparked his desire to direct. In 2015, as a high school senior, Grant participated in the Miner Film Festival with a short film entitled Grade Camp and was recognized by the judges with The Sundance Passion for Filmmaking Award.

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Film, Youth FeatureBarbara Bretz
2019 FIS Snowboard, Freestyle, Freeski World Championships Breaking Boundaries Youth Film Contest Winners Announced

Jack Price was named the winner of the 2019 Breaking Boundaries Snowboard, Freestyle, and Freeski World Championships Youth Film Contest with his short film titled “Pushing the Boundaries.” The film contest was open to young filmmakers ages 21 and younger to tell their own stories about breaking boundaries.

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Art Classes to Check Out This Fall at the Kimball Art Center

There’s something about the autumn season that presents opportunities for new beginnings. I always feel the need to be more creative in fall. Whether I’m inspired by the vibrant colors displayed on the mountains and in the trees, or that eternal ‘back to school’ feeling that is forever engraved in me this time of year, I am compelled to create something new. Fortunately, our community is incredibly lucky to have an nonprofit organization such as as the Kimball Art Center to satiate any craving for creativity.

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Utah Climate Week Gallery Showcase 2018

Utah Climate Week (October 1-7) was created by the Utah Climate Action Network as a time designated to inspire and support conversation about the climate change issues in Utah. Organizations throughout the state seek to get community involvement in this initiative through special events such as film screenings, speaker panels, and other campaigns aiming to encourage public awareness and advocacy for climate change.  

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The Train of Wonders // New Art Piano in Coalville

The artistic wife and wife team, Sally & Jes Neilson-Berg, are completely enthralled with trains. The duo explained that “having the opportunity to create a Steampunk version using a piano was sheer joy!” The piece called The Train of Wonders, and was completely made from found objects. “What’s particularly fun to notice is what those random parts are that make up the train. For example, the large smokestack is part of a cardboard tube used to pour cement pillars, its silver base is part of a megaphone, and the nose of the train is actually an industrial lamp head!”

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Traveling Exhibit at South Summit County Services Building Showcases Exceptional Young Artistic Talent in Utah State

The South Summit County Services Building was newly constructed this past year, opening its doors officially in the spring of 2018. With a beautiful new building with some fresh, blank walls, staff was proactive and implemented a Traveling Exhibit on loan from the Utah Division of Arts and Museums -- 2018 All-State High School Art Show which will be on view August 22 - September 20.

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Park City Singers is Recruiting New Members

The Park City Singers is a community choir welcome to all, and they are currently recruiting new members!

Renee Mox Hall, member of the Park City Singers explains “as a non-audition choir, beginners are welcome and not all members read music. Newer vocalists benefit from singing with those with more experience. All members receive a CD recording of their part which is also very instrumental to learning music. Choir membership is a learning experience for members, a contribution to and connection with the community and an avenue to new friendships."

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Music, Open CallsJocelyn Scudder
Local Artist & Filmmaker Nathan Florence Presents Work-in-Progress Film Art & Belief

Local artist Nathan Florence is breaking into the film scene by launching a work-in-progress film that he has been working on since 2010 called Art & Belief. The film will be shown as part of the new ‘Made in Utah’ program hosted by the Park City Film Series. Art & Belief will preview on September 6th at 7:00pm in the Jim Santy Auditorium at the Park City Library.

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Kimball Art Center Offers Open Studio Evening for Curious Creatives

The Kimball Art Center offers a variety of visual arts classes for our community to enjoy. Many creatives love to make art, but some don’t know exactly what type of art they enjoy creating. To help people overcome that hurdle of deciding how to express their creativity, in addition to satiating a craving to explore the creative process, the KAC has programmed an Open Studio Evening that allows students to experiment with different types of visual art media.

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Local Artist Profile: Tom Horton

Local photographer Tom Horton picked up that passion during a summer job at Grand Teton National Park in 1968 while a biology student at the U of U. “I discovered I was good at photography, so when I returned to the U I got into photography with the yearbook and newspaper, and added a journalism major.”

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Visual ArtsBarbara Bretz
Local Author Profile: Amy Roberts

Local author, Amy Roberts began her career as a journalist working in TV news and transitioned into writing features and travel articles for magazines. “The economy crashed in ’08 taking the print media industry down with it. I had to get a ‘big girl’ job and began working on the opposite side of the business in PR and communications.” Today, in addition to her magazine articles and a weekly newspaper column, she is the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for the Kimball Art Center.

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LiteraryBarbara Bretz