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Call to Artists // Third Annual Monster Drawing Rally

The Park City Summit County Arts Council will once again team up with the Kimball Art Center to host this year’s third-annual Monster Drawing Rally, an event that allows artists to interact with spectators, collectors, and other local artists. The organizations are now accepting artist applications for the event, which will be held June 6th at Kimball Art Center. Artists applications are due by Apr. 15, 2019.

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Creative Maker Workshops at BRANDed PC // Engaging Guests Through Creative Experiences

BRANDed PC, a pop-up shop created by Park City Summit County Arts Council to spotlight local creative brands, will take over the Rockwell Room at 268 Main Street Dec. 18-22. The pop-up is a one-stop-shop to interact with local products and the stories of the makers who have boldly moved their vision forward. New this year are Creative Maker Workshops — an opportunity for guests to get a behind the scenes look at some of the participating brands and their creative process.

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BRANDed PC // A Pop-Up Shop and Editorial Spotlight of Our Local Creative Entrepreners

Three years ago the Park City Summit County Arts council recognized a need to bridge the gap between arts and culture and creative entrepreneurs. From that realization came a dynamic experience to celebrate and highlight the creativity of local entrepreneurs: BRANDed PC. BRANDed PC is a pop-up shop created by Park City Summit County Arts Council to spotlight local creative brands and entrepreneurs who are each integral in making our county a gem of the Beehive State. This is a four day event to show our appreciation for the makers and risk takers amongst us.

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Find Unique Gifts, Support Utah Artists, and Experience Art & Culture at Art Elevated

Art Elevated, an art and handcrafted gift market featuring local artists and artisans, takes place the weekend of Dec. 14-16 at Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter in Park City’s Newpark Town Center. The three-day event will feature one-of-a-kind gifts and festivities including live performances and local artisanal food tastings.

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Latino Arts Festival 2018

Immerse yourself in creative and cultural offerings at the third Latino Arts Festival on Saturday and Sunday, June 16th and 17th from 3-8pm. This year, the event will be held outside at the Park City Library Field (1255 Park Ave.).

Showcasing the talents of the local Latino community, this free, all-ages event celebrates creative expression through fine arts and crafts, folkloric dance, live music, performances, food, and a Sundance film.

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Summer Preview // Outdoor Markets Opening in June

Mark Twain once said “nothing helps scenery like bacon and eggs.” As a bit of a food enthusiast myself, I’d have to say that I agree with Mr. Twain on this, however I might swap the bacon for fresh locally grown sweet corn, and warm fresh-baked artisan bread. Lucky for us, the outdoor markets throughout Park City make it possible to have it all! You can have your “bacon and eggs” while enjoying a view like none other.

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Calling all Creatives: Park Silly Sunday Market Accepting Vendor Applications for the 2018 Season

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to quit your day job and turn your creative ideas into a feasible business that could support you and your family? Maybe you’ve always wanted to figure out how you could offset the costs of your addiction to creating art or clothing, crafts, gardening, or even gourmet food.

If you are a creative type, or if you’re just looking to see if your idea for a business is actually workable, it’s time for you to apply to the Park Silly Sunday Market and see if your idea will fly.

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Local View: Female Talent at the Sundance Film Festival

I have been a resident of Park City for over 38 years. Shortly after moving here in 1979 from New York City, the Sundance Film Festival was formed. The festival had been a struggling venue called the Utah/US Film Festival when it was taken over by Sundance.

In the early years, it was a small showing highlighting the work of regional filmmakers creating independent low budget films. Easily accessed by the general public, one could purchase a ticket at the theater. As it grew into one of the most important festivals in the world, a number of women were at the helm.

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The Sound of Nashville Alternative Music at the Sundance Film Festival

Film and music go hand in hand. The essence and mood of a scene in a film can be made with music (think the two terrifying notes in JAWS, Rocky’s pump-up music during his famous workout montage, or the simple image of John Cusack in Say Anything holding up a boombox blaring ‘In Your Eyes’ by Peter Gabriel). The music in these scenes made them iconic, and will forever be associated with these films.

That being said, the Sundance Film Festival does not ignore the importance of music. The Festival offers an array creative experiences throughout the 10 day event, many of them being performances. Every year the music scene is quality, and one company makes the scene especially interesting by bringing in the sound of Nashville alternative music into the mix. An array of artists, musicians and songwriters will showcase their talents, and this year, local Summit County musicians are also given an opportunity to get involved.

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Slamdance Spotlight: Fake Tattoos // Director Pascal Plante

The 24th annual Slamdance Film Festival held in Park City January 19-25 is contained within The Treasure Mountain Inn. Slamdance is a showcase for raw and innovative filmmaking self governed - By Filmmakers, For Filmmakers. The year-round organization serves new and emerging artists, filmmakers and storytellers.

One film has the distinction of being selected to screen at both Slamdance and Berlinale 2018.

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