Book Signing: A Walker's Guide to Park City

A Walkers Guide.jpg

Local author, Dr. Beverly Hurwitz, discovered Park City as a skier in the early 70's and visited many times before moving here in 1990 from Syracuse, New York for the Park City lifestyle.

“I love most everything about Park City: the spectacular topography, the superb skiing, cycling and hiking, the easy access to a metropolis and airport, and the mentality of the people who seek an active lifestyle and support open space.”

Dr. Hurwitz, began her medical career as a board certified pediatrician with fellowship training in developmental neurology. She also studied acupuncture and spent the last decade of her career in physical medicine and biologic regeneration (platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapies). Retired from clinical practice, she continues to serve as an independent medical examiner for the adjudication division of the Utah Labor Department, evaluating contested worker comp cases to help judges sort out conflicting medical opinions regarding the cause and outcome of injuries.

An advocate for walking, Dr. Hurwitz feels it supports every aspect of physical as well as mental health taken away by modern conveniences.  “Walking improves the function and durability of all body systems including the cardiovascular, respiratory, intestinal, endocrine, musculoskeletal, and neuro-cognitive systems.  Almost every malady known to mankind can benefit from as natural an activity as walking, even Alzheimer’s disease.”

To stimulate locals and tourists to embrace walking as exercise, recreation and transportation and to promote walkability in Park City, Dr. Hurwitz has written A WALKER'S GUIDE TO PARK CITY.

The paperback provides maps and directions for 30 local routes through urban and wild landscapes, along with photos and pearls about local history and ecology.

Dr. Beverly Hurwitz will be at Dolly's Bookstore on Sunday, June 11 from 1 to 3 pm to sign copies of her just published book, A WALKER'S GUIDE TO PARK CITY.