Art on the Trails 2019 // Meet the Performers

Hiking in Utah is already beautiful as is, with our mountain air, clean lakes and the occasional moose sighting, one can see why our canyons are so crowded. It’s hard not to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous views Utah has to offer. As the summer months come to an end, PCSC Arts Council is more than pleased to hold an event that incorporates Utah trails and local art.

Gathering in a space to appreciate local arts and cultural is already a mission of the arts council, but doing so in the outdoors is really something special. Art on the Trails will feature pop-up creative performances along the McLeod Trail, which include hip-hip, ballet, poetry, jazz, bluegrass, Spanish guitar and more! And, the event is free and open to the public. 

Community members are invited to participate in a tour that will be guided by a volunteer who leads them along the McLeod trail. The trail is 1.5 miles round trip and is located the Copper Moose Farm Stand at 1285 Old Ranch Rd, Park City, UT 84098. To sign up for a tour time please visit HERE. The tour is leisurely paced, as each group will stop by 6 site-specific locations along the trail. The entire tour will be approximately 1.5 hours, but plan to hang out at the Copper Moose Farm lounge area for live music and food and refreshments available for purchase. The lounge will stay open until 7:00pm.  

Cati Snarr, a dancer with The Peggy Bergmann Ballet West Academy in Park City, will be joined with other talented ballet dancers, as they perform as a stopping point along the tour. Snarr says dance “is an embodied experience; a feeling, a sight and kinesthetic connection,” so prepare to feel the power of their beautiful performance. Snarr also mentioned that she is inspired by “nature, beauty, emotion and the abstract,” which allows for the freedom and space to “create dance out of just about anything.” 

Another performer that will be at the event, is Brandon Leake. He is excited to share his gifts and talents to the community. Leake will be featuring spoken word poetry, he says “ I started writing poems in middle school for girls who I thought were cute, but as I grew older it became an outlet for me to express myself.” Leake is very passionate about poetry and loves it because ,“it combines the literary world with the performance world.”

Be inspired by these and the many other talented artists who will be performing at the event. In preparation for the event, please remember to bring with you the essentials to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience - a hat, sunscreen and water! Comfy walking shoes are recommended as well. The Park City Summit County Arts Council is thrilled to welcome artists and community members to such an anticipated event!

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