Challenging Landscape Photography Conventions: Nicole Pietrantoni at the Kimball Art Center

Ansel Adams said, “You don't take a photograph, you make it.” This idea is central to Nicole Pietrantoni’s work, which will soon be on view at Kimball Art Center. The exhibition runs February 10 - April 15, with a preview with the artist for KAC members on February 9.

Nicole’s work is based in the tradition of landscape photography, but she challenges its conventions, examining the tension between picturesque images of nature and the near-constant threat of environmental change. Through varied interventions, from altered images to fragmented texts, she draws attention to the active construction and frequent idealization of landscapes.

Her compelling installations first made an appearance at the Kimball Art Center two years ago as part of the group exhibition, Dealers Choice. In Alas, Alack, we offer a fuller view of her evolving bookworks, which feature landscapes created across series of hanging accordion books. In many cases, these vast landscapes tower above you with dramatic effect. In the case of Implications, it expands 33 feet across an entire wall. You can't stand in one spot and fully understand works of these size and detail; you must move forward and back and side to side to take in all that they offer. These pieces draw you in, and reward you for the time you spend with them.

Nicole reframes our relationship with the landscape through seven beautiful and poignant installations, ultimately encouraging a more compassionate engagement with the world. Her work has a particular resonance for a community like ours, where we have such a strong connection to the land that surrounds us.

To further immerse in Nicole’s creative process, take a class with this esteemed visiting artist while she is in town! Learn about the possibilities of drum leaf binding in a class for adults on Thursday, February 8, 6-8pm. She’ll also be offering a class on folded books for kids age 8+ on Saturday, February 10, 1-3pm. Exploring book arts with Nicole is an opportunity not to be missed.  To sign up, visit