Connecting Filmmakers and Film Lovers // 13th Annual Filmmakers Showcase

Filmmakers Showcase

The Filmmakers Showcase celebrates and fosters emerging and seasoned talent, provides a venue for finished work as well as works in progress as well as cultivates and supports the filmmaking community in Utah. However, founder and curator Jill Orschel narrows the focus even more. “It's essence is connecting filmmakers and film lovers.”

It is a connective rather than a competitive event. “By design it’s a low-pressure, fun, supportive celebration of each other’s work. The film industry can be a competitive and cut throat business most of the time so we try to make this the opposite of that and include one and all as best we can,” explains Orschel. 

This is the Filmmakers Showcase's 13th year and it has seen tremendous growth with digital technology being the biggest factor in more people making films and the improved quality of their product. “Cameras and editing programs are relatively affordable, and arguably easy to use, however films must start with a good story and no amount of technology will ever replace that.”

Last year the line up included 20 documentaries, fictions, animations, and music videos and has continued to expand each year thanks to the support of the Park City Film Series. Executive Director, Katy Wang, has offered both guidance, and freedom, for this program to grow and become a much loved annual event cultivating community through film. 

Orschel has seen student after student come away from screening their work at the Jim Santy Auditorium with a confidence and belief in themselves that could follow them for a lifetime. “It never gets old for anyone to see their work on the big screen with a live audience. It’s that direct connection felt between an artist, who has put in a lot of work, usually with a team of collaborators, and the fruits of that labor is transferred to other human beings watching the screen, receiving and understanding a message or idea or perhaps a feeling. To be in the room listening to the intended laughter or sighs or gasps or tears from an audience is deeply gratifying for a filmmaker who has a story to tell.”

The 13th Annual Filmmakers Showcase will be held Thursday, November 8 at 7 pm in Jim Santy Auditorium. Find out more at