Egyptian Theatre's YouTheatre // Learning Beyond the Stage


Egyptian Theatre YouTheatre was established in 1995 and has enriched children’s lives through various programs. Today, YouTheatre has 31 kids appearing on stage and four backstage tech crew students. This program has taught over a thousand aspiring actors - some who have gone on to study acting in college or pursue careers in the theatrical arts. Some of their students have even performed on Broadway.

This program is based on the idea that participating in arts is beneficial and important in the growth of every child. Through the creativity, discipline, and teamwork of being part of a production, our students are instilled with confidence, an appreciation for the performing arts, and life skills for navigating obstacles to achieve their ambitions.

Jamie Wilcox, Artistic & Managing Director of YouTheatre, says that there are many benefits to theatre participation that go beyond learning to be on stage. “Learning to be on stage, learning to work in an ensemble, creative problem-solving, collaboration, working with your peers on something that’s larger than you or any one person, a respect for the performing arts, and the one we see the most - confidence! It takes a lot of gusto to get up and put yourself out there to an audience.”

Multiple programs are available now to sign up throughout the summer. You can find all available programs and more information here.