Explore Virtual Reality at the Park City Library

Virtual Reality at Park City Library

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming increasingly popular in libraries across the nation and the Park City Library is no exception. Kate Mapp, Adult Services Librarian, and Katrina Kmak, Youth and Spanish Services Librarian, first got the idea to offer virtual reality when they visited the University of Utah Marriott Library’s virtual reality drop in program.  After taking a few turns on the virtual reality headset, Mapp and Kmak were sold and started making plans on how they could bring VR to the Park City Library. Although very appealing to the younger generation for playing games in a 3D world there are many educational and recreational programs that would appeal to all ages. “At first I was very skeptical of VR, mainly because my perception was that it was just for gamers.  But once I stepped into VR, I quickly realized the greater opportunities VR could expose us to.” describes Mapp.

A great way to try VR for the first time is when you are planning a vacation or get the itch to travel. Because, if you are planning your trip or simply don’t have the time to travel, VR can take you there!  You can travel the world with Park City Library’s newest technology through Google Earth and VR will allow you to travel to those places in 3D. “I often get wanderlust but don’t have the time or means to travel, so I can daydream and visit my bucket list through VR on Google Earth” says Mapp.  

Having Virtual Reality in the library makes this unique technology accessible for all in the community. The Park City Library hopes that the community gains a desire to learn and be excited about experiencing new technology.  

The VR program is in its infancy and the Mapp and Kmak hope to expand the programs in the future. Currently Park City Library offers the Armchair Travel program every first Tuesday of the month from 4pm-5pm. In the summer, the library will be adding a weekly exploratory hour for youth and teens to experience virtual reality through games. Also, anyone can schedule an appointment with Kate Mapp at kate.mapp@parkcity .org or 435-615-5602.


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