Giving A BLEEP


Giving A BLEEPis a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization who believes in building community and supporting all nonprofits in the community. Their major fundraiser is an annual performance of “an original show by the people, for the people.” Writers creatively weave local issues, quirks, passions and personalities into a satirical glimpse at the life we love.

According to Director, Annette Velarde, writers have NEVER lacked for topics. “Between local issues and national issues, there’s always more than enough to make fun of! For example, this year’s mayoral race is a great topic. From all outward appearances Dana and Andy have the same response to most of the big issues and are being super nice to each other. So, we’re making fun of this ‘way too boring’ election.”


Are there sacred subjects BLEEP wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole? Their philosophy is ’If we think it’s’s going in!’ “We don’t wring our hands worrying that other people may be offended,” says Velarde. “We have a certain style and a certain line we don’t go beyond and have been fortunate to have a following of people who find that style and line entertaining.“

If a tagline could sum up this year’s theme, it might be ‘All politicians suck ... some more than others.’

What makes Giving A BLEEP so different from every other fundraiser in town is that everyone  is invited. Velarde explains, “If you can afford to pay $500 a ticket (knowing that the lion’s share of your ticket price will be donated to the nonprofit of your choice), we love it. But, we also love if someone can’t afford to pay anything at all - we still want them in our audience. We want everyone to come laugh with us!”

This year’s performances of Giving A BLEEP take place at Prospector Square Theatre on October 27 and 28 as well as Nov 3 and 4. Doors and bar open at 7 pm with the curtain going up at 8 pm.

Purchase tickets online at or at the door (if available).