Historic Glenwood Cemetery Stroll


Glenwood historic cemetery comes alive during the annual Cemetery Stroll. Museum Education Director, Diane Knispel explains, “Over the years, we've brought to life many colorful characters, way too many to name.”

Christie Dilloway has played half a dozen characters from an adulteress shot by her husband to the legendary Silver Queen. “When the event was Halloween-themed, I enjoyed the really tragic tales.  Now I like that the event attempts to draw human-relations between current day and early-day Park City residents. Life was different, but people are motivated similarly then and now. Looking out for opportunities, taking risks, hoping for the betterment of their family.”

Lannie Scopes, playing Sheriff John Harrington, grew up in the Park City area and enjoys telling the stories of its past residents. He's played several 'ghosts' over the years, each with unique qualities on which Scopes sometimes improvises. “As you know, I seem to always find a way to shoot my pistol....uh....for dramatic effect!” Had Scopes been a Parkite in the late 1800's would he have worn a badge or been behind bars? He replied, ”The line between the law and lawless was sometimes blurred. Marshals and Sheriffs sometimes did what they had to do to enforce the law. I reckon I'd have worn the badge...uh...on my way to the bars!”

Donovan Symonds', favorite of the three characters he has played is Judge James Don, who at age 16 year immigrated from Scotland with his parents. He worked as a typesetter and at the mine before becoming a judge during the prohibition years. “He had many drinking related cases as well as the odd murder and shooting. I enjoyed trying to use my best Scottish accent!”

Standing near each person's grave really brings the character back to life for Donovan. “I enjoy the Glenwood setting. It's a beautiful and peaceful place with a rich history. Surprisingly, not many people know about it.”

Tours are $15 per person and take place Saturday, September 28; 10:45 am- noon or 12:45 pm-2 pm.   Reservations are required and space is limited. The cemetery is part of the National Register of Historic Places. Visit parkcityhistory.org for more information.

Culture, PerformanceBarbara Bretz