It Takes A Neighborhood // Local Teen Author Nora Wall

I discovered through my 'Nextdoor' online neighborhood website that I have an author living across the valley. Fifteen year old author, Nora Wall, has lived in Park City for almost 2 years after living for 5 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. She's enrolled at Treasure Mountain Junior High but also takes classes at the high school.

Knowing since age 5 she wanted to be an author, Nora has just finished and self-published her first novel entitled The Dominion. “When I was 12 and on vacation with my family, I decided to write a story with a dystopian theme because it was my favorite genre at the time.”

Nora's writing process did not include sketching out a complete outline. “I just started to write and revise as I went along. When I began to write The Dominion, however, I decided to make the educational system in the book the primary focus of the plot and I also knew the twist I wanted to incorporate at the end. Additionally, I developed an alternative ending and got some feedback on this.”

In order to publish, she consulted with several experienced neighbors. “We requested help with self-publishing on 'Nextdoor' from our neighbors in Pinebrook. Gabriel Arellano, a self-published children’s book author, offered her assistance. She showed us how to use Amazon’s CreateSpace, which is the platform I chose to self-publish my book. Melissa Marsted runs Lucky Penny Publications and also offered to help with the process later on.”

Nora hopes the take-away message from The Dominion for readers is that there is always hope. “Even in a totalitarian regime, it is impossible to destroy free will and the human spirit and people can always choose to stand up and fight for what they believe in.”

Her advice to other young writers is very much the same. “Never give up.” She often gave up during the process thinking she'd never finish. “Young readers and writers should set personal goals and follow through because if you have enough determination and are passionate about something, then you can achieve anything.”

Nora's long-term plan is to attend Oxford University in England and to study medicine. “I will continue to write on the side for enjoyment, and hope that all of my future books will contain inspiring messages.”

The Dominion is available in paperback and Kindle versions on