Local Artist Profile: Don Weller

Don Weller loves the west and finds a treasure trove of inspiration living in Utah. He admires the works of C.M. Russell, Will James and George Phippen but learned to loosen his drawing methods and brush strokes by studying the impressionists. By combining the two, his distinct paintings trigger the imagination and cultivate an appreciation for the beauty of the west and the ongoing traditions of its history.

If it were not for a rejection in an application to veterinary school, he may not have switched his major to art. The 1960’s was known to be the golden age of graphic design and illustration and he rode that wave using his talent and craft. “The game of design (and painting, too)", he says, involves contrasts. Big vs little, dark vs light, soft edges vs hard edges.”  Don loves to exaggerate the differences in his water colors, yet find the similarities which stimulates the viewer’s eye to move around his work.  “When it comes together, it just feels right.”

Don Weller’s work can be seen at the Montgomery-Lee Fine Art Gallery on Main Street in Park City along with a number of other galleries around the western states.  Visit his website at:  donweller.com.   Find a comprehensive look at his work in the book: Watercolor Cowboys.