Local Author Profile // Gregor Eisenbarth


After years of working as a diversity recruiter and career coach, Gregor Eisenbarth decided to write a book called, Careerismo, on what he has learned over the years, and to share it with those looking to advance their career. Through much experience, Greg has discovered that “To be an effective recruiter and career coach, you need exposure to diversity. You also need to live in the right development environments; practice in the right circles; and be around, and inspired by, talented people.”

Careerismo covers these lessons, and more specifically focuses on the essentials that gets women off to a dynamic start in their careers. It’s a guidebook that covers important topics to prevent women from being underemployed when they start their careers, and  provides insights and illustrations to help women navigate the ins, outs and in-betweens of their work lives. It unpacks  all things related to career such as skills, confidence, relationships, employment and jobs.

Gregor has lived in Park City for about 25 years and has worked as a diversity recruiter for MBA schools for many years. Before that he worked in talent acquisition and development recruiting. He notes that “There are tons of women graduating now and as we move into this big employment stage for women, there is a separation between that and employment growth. While college students are represented as 56-68% women, only 35% of all managers are women. Although much progress has been made, there is still a gap that needs to be closed.”

Some major takeaways from Careerismo are how important the transition from college to career is and how to get ahead in your career as a woman. Careerismo is for you if you want to learn important skills on how the job market works, how to identify your strengths and unique combination of skills, how to conduct a qualified job search, and to generate greater confidence as you begin your career.

Learn more and purchase Careerismo by Greg Eisenbarth here.

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