Local Author Profile: Shannon Bahrke

Shannon Bahrke Happe, Olympic medalist in freestyle skiing, founder of Team Empowerment Hour, motivational speaker and entrepreneur has added another accomplishment to her resume — author.

Shannon's trademark “hot pink hair” has long inspired her determination for success and now given rise to the theme of her new book.

Mommy, Why Is Your Hair Pink?  is a question her young daughter asked one day. Shannon, who feels the pink hair has been a part of her for so long, was taken aback. “I will never forget the day she suddenly looked around and realized she had the only Mommy with pink hair and everyone else had “normal” hair.  She was so confused, I loved it.”

Shannon wouldn't reveal the secret of why she chose to go pink. We have to read her book to learn that, but did explain the reason it remains part of her persona long after her Olympic competitions have ended. “I keep it around now to break down barriers.  I am instantly judged for having different color hair and I love when I can change someone’s mind about the stereotype.  I am smart, well spoken, have accomplished things I only dreamed when I was little, am a good Mom, wife and daughter, give a lot back to my community - I don’t have to fit a mold to do those things.  I can do that all with wild and crazy pink hair!”

Shannon's achievements are numerous, as are the ideals she'd like to pass along to her daughter and anyone else who reads her book. “There are many but the biggest one is that each one of us are capable of accomplishing big dreams and we only have to look within ourselves to find the courage and self-love to go get them!”

Mommy, Why Is Your Hair Pink? can be purchased on Shannon's website, directly from her publisher at Childrenleadingchildren.com, as well as from Dollies Bookstore and the Utah Olympic Park gift shop. The kindle version is available on Amazon.

You can also pick up her book and read her story at the BRANDed PC Pop-Up Shop at the Rockwell Room on Main Street through December 22!

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