Local Musician Profile // Alicia Stockman

Local musician, Alicia Stockman, recently made the monumental decision to leave her full time job at Wyndham Vacation Rentals as Marketing Manager to concentrate on music instead. “Time was the most valuable thing I have and I couldn't divide time between marketing and music and do my best at either. I decided to give music the spotlight,” expresses Stockman “Now that I'm on the other side, I wish I'd done it sooner.”

Alicia feels there is no such thing as 'getting discovered' anymore. “Even if a label approached me, they like to see that you already know what you're doing, so it helps to be proficient at the DIY music business.”

She reads industry guides and blog posts to keep up with best practices, but the most important thing is writing the songs. “Sometimes that gets overlooked by the flashy business stuff you have to do, but it's what I care about most and the reason I do this.”

After the songs are written they need to be heard. Stockman says,“Booking gigs is all networking, begging and luck. I'm trying to book my first tour and I'm tapping every person I know in Colorado to connect me with venues.”

Alicia's  fourth single is queued to come out in early March, followed by a fifth in April and sixth in May. “There's a ton of behind the scenes work in self-publishing. From working on the songs with a band for recording, then tracking, mixing, mastering, and then getting them set up to release, as well as creating content and keeping up with social media and marketing.”

It's not about the money, explains Stockman, “My 2018 Spotify earnings were about $13. So it has to be something you love and not something you do for fame and fortune. When a song connects with someone the way it's meant to, it's the best feeling.”

Alicia's ultimate goal is to just do music and live off of that. “I want to be fully immersed in the songwriter lifestyle. To tour the country and the world, record a full-length record with a real-life producer in a cool studio - perhaps Austin or Nashville, play festivals, house concerts, all the things where people sit down and listen to lyrics and find meaning in them.”

Alicia urges audiences to attend performances with good etiquette and appreciate musicians as artists. “There are talented songwriters in the area and great performers who travel through Park City. Parkites can support local musicians by really listening to their craft.”

Park City's awesome homes, patios, backyards, basements could be a hotbed for house concerts of local and touring artists. Hosting a house concert is a win/win for a neighborhood and the artist. “House concerts are intimate performances and really help an artist get by while on the road. I am always looking to book house concerts - it's something I want to do more often.”

Alicia's most recent single, released April 5th, is “Rainy Wedding Day.” Her next single, titled “We Fit Together,” will be out May 3rd.

To find out more about Alicia's music check out her website and social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram. Sign up for her email list on her website to find out about upcoming shows, and follow her wherever you listen to music.

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