Matilda the Musical Presented by the Egyptian Theatre

The Tony Award-winning play Matilda, based on the beloved Roald Dahl novel is on stage at Park City's Egyptian Theatre September 6-15. The role of Matilda is shared by 9 year old veteran actresses Pippa Parry and Victoria Bingham. 

Matilda's evil nemesis is the dastardly director of the school, Miss Trunchbull, played by Quinn Kapetanov. Trunchbull bullies Matilda throughout the play but Quinn didn't feel the need to lay any groundwork with the Matildas.“They are some of the most mature actresses I’ve ever worked with. It was almost innately understood we would balance each other. They truly are some of the best young actors I have ever worked with.”

Rehearsals have been hard work but fun too. “My favorite part of rehearsal,” explains Pippa, “has been singing and dancing with all my friends to the song 'Revolting'.” 

She is related to the director which means, in the theater world, she might have to work a little harder than others. “Morgan is my aunt and I love working with her, not only because she is a great, sensitive director, but because I always feel comfortable with her.”

Victoria, recently played little Anastasia on the Broadway National Tour of Anastasia which involved a NYC audition process and traveling for 6 months around the country. “I learned theater is magic and your cast becomes your family.  The lucky people who perform on that level don't just get to do it because they're talented, or lucky, or whatever.  It's a lot of hard work and dedication to your training!  But the dedication DEFINITELY pays off.  Being on stage every night and telling beautiful stories makes it all worth it!!!”

Pippa loves to swim, dance and hang out with her high school age brother and 3 sisters, one of whom, Keely, is also a cast member. When Pippa grows up she wants to be independent much like Matilda.“I think the message of the show is that even if you're little you can do a lot! Also every child is a miracle.”

Victoria likes the character of Matilda too.“She does lots of nice things for other people. She doesn't just think about herself. Even though she's a very little girl, she uses her brains to help the people around her, and I think that's pretty special!”

Victoria's interests are not limited to acting. “I like to dance, and I'm on a competition dance team. I also love to sing and act! My dream is to be a Broadway star someday!  I also have a pretty mean rock collection.”

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