Mountain Town Olive Oil // The Next Course Cooking Classes


Jessica McCleary opened the doors to Mountain Town Olive Oil in 2009. Her extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegars from Modena has been a stopping point for locals and tourists enjoying Historic Main Street in Park City. McCleary hopes to help her customers use the liquids to obtain maximum flavor in every meal! 

3 years into the store’s opening, McClearly wanted to do more to offer unique experiences for her customers. She came up with the idea to host a demonstration cooking class called Next Course. Those interested in exploring the possibilities of cooking with olive oil and vinegar are encouraged to attend solo or with loved ones! 

Class schedules for the summer are as follows:

July 25 & 26: Regional Italian… Veneto

August 9: Cool Food / Hot Days

August 16: Utah Sourced Meal

August 23: Easy Weeknight Meal

August 31: A Night in Morocco

During the course, participants will taste 3-5 recipes, all prepared by talented chefs who will share inventive ways to use olive oil and vinegar. They’ll also be giving helpful tips and tricks for those that enjoy cooking at home. Optional wine pairings are offered with each demonstration, held in their brand new event space on Main Street. Everyone will take home the recipes learned in hopes to try and impress friends and family. 

Each class is $50 per person and the optional wine pairing is $15 extra. You must reserve your spot 48 hours in advance. The maximum number of participants in each class is 18, with a minimum number of 8. These class sizes allow visiting family members or friends to join you and others in a comfortable setting with great food! For more information and to reserve a spot at The Next Course, click here.