Nashville Unplugged Gives a Peek Behind the Music


Behind every country music hit is a group of extremely talented songwriters and these groups of individuals live their lives constantly being inspired by the world around them. With this level of experience there is bound to be a massive number of stories just waiting to be told. “Nashville Unplugged: The Story Behind the Song” was co-created in 2009 by singer and songwriter Aaron Benward. The program is a live, acoustic country music show with a very particular twist. The performers involved in the show are all songwriters with many of them being responsible for massive hits for popular stars.

The goal of the show is to give fans a peek of how their favorite songs come about. The experience often investigates on the stories of the songwriters when it comes to creating these songs before they are performed live to the audience. Nashville Unplugged is often seen as a rare event that gives a different perspective on country music.

The event is a unique opportunity to allow interaction between the songwriters and the audience that isn’t present at other shows. This level of intimacy and interaction allows for participation beyond the famous lyrics and it showcases the musical talent of these songwriters. The stories of these individuals, their musical talents, and country music biggest hits being played in an original form make Nashville Unplugged a can’t miss show.  

You can catch “Nashville Unplugged: The Story behind the Song” for yourself this Thursday night at 7pm at the Rockwell Listening Room (268 Main St, Main Street level, Park City, UT, 84060) and you can visit for more information.

MusicRobert Black