A Park City Author who “Nailed It”

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A manicurist, by trade, Carly Stenmark was living and working in Salt Lake City. She discovered many of her clients enjoyed chatting during the process with her on the receiving end of interesting and entertaining stories. Funny tales and tidbits she wanted to remember were jotted down on scraps of paper and tucked away.

In 1982, Carly found herself in a tough relationship. “I was ready for a new beginning and needed to be beyond his walking distance.” Since he didn’t have a car, Park City was a logical choice.

Possessing an empathetic and outgoing personality, Carly again found herself not only listening to stories but sharing bits and pieces of her own life’s dramas. “It got to the point that clients would come in and say things like... okay- it’s been two weeks, what has happened with you?”

At that point, the idea for the book was born.

It’s no easy task for first time authors to move from idea to publication. Over a 2 year period, while working full time, she wrote daily, transferring scraps of paper and sticky notes into a notebook, then writing out stories longhand in a journal and eventually, with her husband, Ken as coach, she learned to type.

“In the fall of 2014, I took a continuing education class at Park City high school, taught by Stacy Dymalski, on self-publishing. Then it really took off. I got excited!” The following year Carly attended a three-day women's writers workshop held at Hotel Park City with Stacy, as well as some other phenomenal local women.

The result of Carly’s efforts is an engaging chronicle of real people and real lives being lived. Stories told from the heart which impact the heart.

More Than A Manicure-The Nail Files can be purchased on Amazon and locally at Cahoots or directly from Carly at the salon located at 1901 Prospector Ave. Suite 16, next to “Freshies!” She is hoping for Dolly’s and The Kings English soon.




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