Open Air Art Space: Personalized Visual Arts instruction

Open Air Art Space provides rentable studio space to artists, a supportive and collaborative environment for artistic growth, and classes and workshops for artists to get direct, one-on-one instruction improving their knowledge and skills.  

After experiencing teaching methods offered by private art schools, universities, Italian classical academics, direct mentorship, and workshops by some of today’s top artists, David Riley, launched the Open Air Art Space instructional program using a unique blend of teaching methods that allows students to grow as artists while creating the artwork that they are interested in.

At the core of the classes offered at Open Air is a constant deepening of the understanding of foundational principles. Style, technique, and personal expression are at their best when showcased with strong foundational skills. Students progress through a series of projects designed to teach specific concepts, or learn to apply visual fundamentals to their own work to become better at what they do.  

Open Air’s classes are ongoing, allowing students the flexibility to attend the classes that work with their personal schedules. Students commit to the number of classes they can attend each month and then have the freedom to attend any of the available class times.

Regardless if you just want to learn art as a hobby, or desire to pursue art as a career, having specific, streamlined information will speed your journey and help you get better results.