Park City Museum Shares Rich History through Lecture Series


Utah has a rich history beyond the pioneers establishing the state. The mission of the Park City Museum is to preserve, protect and promote Park City’s history and heritage. One of the many ways the museum does this is through educational lectures surrounding untold stories of history about Park City and the state of Utah.

Whether it be about the history of the wild west, or themes that highlight the traveling exhibits featured at the museum, the Park City Museum offers an array of lectures for both locals and visitors to learn and gain a deeper understanding of the exciting history of the region.

Park City is known for being a city of transplants. Many people move here from out of state seeking an energetic and aesthetically beautiful mountain lifestyle. Since there are so many people in our immediate community and throughout Utah who haven’t grown up here, some are still surprised to learn that Park City used to be a mining town before it became well known as a ski town. The museum enjoys providing a platform to inform those who are interested in Park City and Utah history, allowing newcomers and visitors to take a deeper dive.

“It is important for people to know history so it is not repeated, or so we learn from it and move on,” said Diane Knispel, Director of Education at the Park City Museum.

March 21 - Mining Methods of the Park City District

For over 100 years the Park City area was a notable underground mining center that employed a variety of mining methods and allied technologies.  As the industry moved from the individual prospector to industrial scale ventures, the business of mining underwent advancements in ore body development, rock haulage, de-watering, and ventilation to name a few.  Power initially came from strong backs, then horses and mules, followed by steam and electricity. During the 100 or so years of mining in the District the basic approach remained the same but the way in which it was done became quite an enterprise of engineering marvels and capital investment.  

Upcoming lectures:

April 3 - Utah’s Gigantic Landslides (and their smaller cousin near Park City) 5-6pm

May 16 - Showcasing the Legacy of Lagoon  5-6pm

All lectures are hosted at the Park City Museum Education and Collections Center at 5pm.
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