PCSC Arts Council Announces the Launch of the Summit County Creative Directory


The Park City Summit County Arts Council is excited to announce the public launch of its Creative Directory, a central resource for arts and culture listings in Park City and Summit County, Utah. 

The idea for a Creative Directory emerged from the cultural planning and advocacy initiatives of Project ABC: art, beauty, culture, and is a result of community input gathered during the Project ABC planning process that ran from 2017-2018. Project ABC is a community wide cultural planning initiative that grew out of a desire to more effectively connect the arts and culture community and plan for the future. The Project ABC cultural plan lays out a roadmap for the future of Arts and Culture countywide, and is available to view at projectabcsc.com

The plan includes seven Collective Priorities: Spaces, Data, Places, Funding, Governance & Policy, Faces, and  Programming, along with 42 corresponding recommendations that support these Priorities. One of the recommendations made by the community was to build and maintain a Summit County creative asset directory, and the Arts Council is taking charge on this by developing and introducing the Creative Directory. This initiative falls under the Data Priority of the Project ABC Plan, which focuses on the development of systems and tools that use data to drive decision-making and track the future of Arts and Culture in Summit County. 

Jocelyn Scudder, Managing Director or the Park City Summit County Arts Council notes, "The Arts Council is thrilled to present the Creative Directory to our community. This directory is one of the ways the Arts Council is helping move the needle on the Collective Priorities that were identified in the Project ABC Plan by our community members. The Creative Directory is a tool and resource for our creative community as it centralizes information about our local creative sector -- people, venues, organizations, resources, and performance groups that exist in Summit County, UT."

Jake McIntire, Lead Consultant on the project, adds “The Creative Directory is an exciting development for the Summit County arts community as well as the community at large. We are grateful to all of the amazing community members who have helped us develop the directory by sharing ideas, providing data, and helping with testing.” 

Special thanks go to Henry Whythe of CultureListings.org for developing the directory in collaboration with the Park City Summit County Arts Council. We encourage the community to check out and use this new directory, found at www.pcscarts.org/directory. If you are a creative or are involved in the arts sector, make sure to visit the directory and search for yourself or your organization. Once you find your listing, please claim it and help fill in any missing information. If you are not already in the directory, please add your information so you are represented. The general community can also use this directory to find artists, venues, events, and other information about the arts in Summit County.

The Arts Council is proud to be launching this new resource and are confident that it will help better connect the arts community countywide.

CultureLeslie Chavez