An Open Call to Project Your Voice in Summit County!


The Summit County Public Art Advisory Board (‘SCPAAB’) has released an open call  for all voices in Summit County to promote and celebrate community connection through public art.

“The goal of Project Your Voice is to activate the community through an open call, create an interactive environment, and unite Summit County through art while connecting to Summit County Council’s priorities. We want to create a space for our community to be heard, allowing them to project their voices through literary arts and installation.” explains Jocelyn Scudder, Managing Director of the Park City Summit County Arts Council and administrator of the Summit County Public Art Advisory Board (‘SCPAAB’).

The board invites Summit County residents to submit words that express how they feel connected to our community.

The possibilities are endless. Stories, poems, prose, lyrics, rap, odes, haiku, dialogue, observations, emotion, analysis, questions, declarations, affirmations, single words, riddles, unique quotes — the only limits are 280 characters and your imagination. Your expressions of literary art will then be transformed into visual art that is projected onto unexpected spaces throughout Summit County. The purpose is to create spaces of self-expression for our community through transforming literary arts into visual installations.

“This is a really exciting project for the Summit County Public Art Advisory Board,” notes Scudder, “The board acknowledged that Mental Health is one of Summit County Council’s top priorities. There are countless articles and resources that discuss the mental health benefits of creativity.”  

The SCPAAB believes that art can serve as a platform that enhances and informs our community of Summit County, connecting us all. Project Your Voice is intended to connect our community through written word, and is sponsored by the Summit County RAP Tax and Park City Sunrise Rotary.

How do you connect with this community? What does this community mean to you? What are your hopes and aspirations for Summit County? Tell the story of life in our community.

Express yourself. Feel heard. Be heard. Project Your Voice! And look for your words in Project Your Voice Public Art Project, coming May 2019. Open to Summit County, UT residents of all ages.

To Submit Literary Art: Tweet with #ProjectYourVoiceSC and/or visit our Submission Form Deadline: April 7, 2019 Limit: 280 characters* Questions: No problem. Email Jocelyn Scudder at

* Please note that inappropriate, profane, or unoriginal content is prohibited. Depending on number of submissions, a limited selection may be included in projection installations.

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