Sharing Park City's History: Diane Knispel

Diane Knispel, Director of Education at Park City Museum came to us from New Jersey where she worked at the Hermitage National Landmark and Historic House Museum. Diane employs both her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and certificate in Historic Preservation as she trains museum volunteers, schedules and organizes tours for school and scout groups, Main Street walking tours, Museum tours and lectures for the public.  

Diane appreciates the importance of children, youth and adults learning about history and feels our silver mining history is important to share with all ages. “People are surprised we were a silver mining town for decades before the skiing started” notes Diane.

She gets the biggest kick taking folks through the Territorial Jail. Diane explains “I love talking about the territorial jail as people are fascinated with the stories we share. People like stepping into the jail cells and seeing how old and creepy they really are and were back then!”

If she could be transported back in time, Diane would pick the 1890’s to explore what a typical day was like for the average person. “I would love to see their daily routines, learn about how they did things and how they survived. I would enjoy seeing what Main Street and the surrounding areas looked like without all of the development we have today. I would also love to see the city hall, police department, jail, and fire department back then and how they were set-up in the building that houses the Museum today.”

Diane experienced her first Glenwood Cemetery Stroll this fall and met some of its most famous haunts. She found all the stories to be interesting. “We don’t give those people enough credit for surviving the times they lived through in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Between diseases, no real medical solutions, the dangers of mining and other jobs, and the day to day life these people lived, their stories are quite intriguing to hear.  It makes you appreciate all of the modern conveniences that we have today!”

Immerse yourself in the history of Park City and book a tour of Main Street, or stop by the Park City Museum for exhibits and events. For more information, contact Diane, Director of Education, 435-649-7457, ext. 102 or