The First Coalville Community Arts Day is in the Books!

We’re so pleased to announce that the first Coalville Community Arts Day was a huge success! We had a turnout of over 100 students and parents that filtered through during the day to help create a sidewalk mural and fence art that promotes mental wellness in a positive, vibrant, and accessible way in honor of Mental Health Month, which takes place during the month of  May. 

The Park City Summit County Arts Council (PCSC Arts), North Summit School District, and Summit County Health (“the Partners”) joined forces to energize and activate mental health initiatives through this community arts project.

The community began to gather at 10am on Saturday, May 11th to help create a sidewalk mural around the themes of bringing people together, community empowerment, and wellness. Puzzle pieces were outlined on a stretch of sidewalk in front of the school beforehand, and day of, students and parents were encouraged to pick a paint color of their choice and work together to fill in the puzzle pieces. Some pieces were left white for messages of positivity and kindness, such as “Love yourself!” and “Smile!”

The piece of art will become a semi-permanent creative asset for North Summit School and the City of Coalville. “Our children and neighbors will joyfully remember what they made together each time they pass over this stretch of sidewalk.” states Heidi Robertson, North Summit Elementary School's BTSALP Visual Art Specialist. The event also included an additional creative activity making fence art with colored ribbon. Community members wrote positive affirmations on the ribbon and tied them to the fence, as a reminder to be kind to one another.

Throughout the day, Denise’s Home Plate provided food, and there were plenty of scone bites to go around. The crowd dispersed around 2pm as the finishing touches were put on the mural, the final message etched in the center of the art, “Pieced together for kindness, love and community.”