The Way We Worked: Park City Museum Exhibits Work Force History

The Way We Worked

Park City Museum is the last stop for the touring exhibit entitled The Way We Worked, created by The Smithsonian Institute and National Archives and presented by Utah Humanities. The multimedia installation made up of storyboards, photographs, videos and artifacts explores the changes in work and work force over the past 150 years and appeals to all age groups.

The maze of information is divided into categories; who works, how we work, where we work, and why we work. Throughout the exhibit are 8 points where you can dial a number with your cell phone for more of “The Inside Story”.

Truly an interactive exhibit, visitors are invited to record their own insights about work in their community. Some stories will be featured on Smithsonian Stories from Main Street.

On the perimeter walls of the Tozer Gallery are fascinating stories of real-life workers from right here in Park City; the dentist, a nurse, a Chinese restaurateur, a janitor, a priest, a minor, and many more.

Hear labor songs, sung in years gone by which often heralded the growth of unions. The exhibit informs and inspires.

Younger visitors will enjoy the work-themed puzzle activities and older visitors can pick up the 24 page photo essay by Matthew Basso and John Perry Christiansen called “The Way Utah Worked”, describing Utah workers from the early Mormon settlers to contemporary jobs in construction, finance, and IT industries to name a few.

The Way We Worked will be at the Park City Museum from November 11 - January 10, 2018.

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