Utah Native Ruby Chacón Exhibit at Park City Library

Growing up in Utah, artist Ruby Chacón saw few representations of her Chicana life and experiences in the art and history books that surrounded her. The stories she heard were about her father being segregated in the Monticello schools of his childhood, punished for speaking Spanish; or her mother, baptized at the old Guadalupe church in Salt Lake City or playing around the train tracks that separate downtown from Salt Lake’s west side.

These childhood stories, and perhaps more importantly, the absence of those stories in the Utah narrative, act as inspiration for Chacón’s artwork. Her paintings and drawings reflect the traditions of her heritage, both the challenges and achievements. After graduating from the University of Utah College of Fine Arts, Chacón’s work started as a way to document her Utah and Chicana experiences, filling in the gaps that existed in the more recognized Utah history. Over time, her work has become more exploratory in nature, but still acts as a mirror to her unique perspective and desire to express the stories and lives of those underrepresented in our communities.

From now until June 4th, over a decade of Chacón’s work can be viewed at the Park City Library. The exhibit entitled Honoring My Community: A Collection from 2005-2016 provides a window into a rich part of Utah’s history told through the lens of a Utah native. The Park City Library is open seven days a week. For more information and specific library hours, see parkcitylibrary.org.