Why Critique?


The Kimball Art Center has launched a new free Critique Night program as a resource for local artists on the last Wednesday of every month. The goal of the program is to create and foster a collaborative and open environment for feedback that is supportive and critical for practicing artists in our community.

The KAC first started this program last spring, and we’ve noticed is that the word “critique” can be intimidating for a lot of artists. The intimidation factor is real as I have had both good and bad experiences participating in critiques over the years. As a practicing artist with two Bachelors of Arts Degrees and one Master's in Fine Arts Degree, I have spent more time than most receiving feedback about my art practice.

I can think of many happy critique memories over the years, but my first critique in graduate school was extremely harsh. I will always remember the aftermath of that critique - coming home, sitting on the balcony and sobbing (yes, people cry over paintings). As difficult as it was to receive that feedback, I realize that my professor made some valuable points about my artwork and I ended up learning a lot through that process.

So why critique? This program is an opportunity for practicing artists in our community to meet other artist and to find support in the art making process. Facilitating a night for artists to come together, connect, and chat about art while receiving peer-to-peer feedback is our way of taking the intimidation factor out of the equation, and fulfilling our organization’s mission to inspire and connect through art. Critique Night discussions commonly revolve around conceptual thinking and specific media practices.  

All artists are welcome to participate and share thoughts (and perhaps some past critique horror stories) with our creative community! Join us on the last Wednesday of every month from 6 - 8pm at the Kimball Art Center. This event is free and participants are encouraged to bring 1-3 pieces of original artwork. Pre-registration through the Kimball Art Center's website is encouraged and space is limited to 12 participants. Register here.