Monster drawing rally


PCSC Arts & Kimball Art Center partnered
to produce the first ever Park City Monster Drawing Rally—
a live drawing event and party.  

VIDEO: Credit Name • PHOTOS: Darryl Dobson


On June 1, 2017, 300 people spied on the creative process, built relationships with local artists,
and purchased nearly 90 pieces of artwork.

Over the course of the night, 40 artists took shifts drawing and making artwork for 50 minutes.
Sketches turned into finished pieces made from collage, watercolor, acrylic, graphite, and other media. Finished pieces were immediately available for purchase for $50 each.

We're starting to plan 2018 already. Stay tuned for details!

2017 Participating Artists:

Sharon Backurz • Russel Blackwell • Claiborne Colombo • Jenny Diersen • Laurie Eastwood
Sara Shepherd EdgarScott FilipiakDavid HabbenNathan FlorenceNan Gray 
Parker JonesJeanne LaRaeJan Massimino • Mark MaziarzBridgett Meinhold
Kylie MillwardAl MitchellKriste MitchellLyndsie Nash • Grace Patton • Libby Peterkort
Blake PetersonDanielle PowersDavid RileyJocelyn Scudder • Lisa Shin
Julie ShipmanSamantha SimonHeather Stamenov • Jack Thomas
Clinton Whiting  • Mike Wong • Ida Yoked