Monster Drawing Rally is a live drawing event and party
that allows spectators to spy on the creative process,
build relationships with local artists,
and grow their art collections.

Over the course of the night, artists at all stages of their careers take shifts drawing and making artwork for 50 minutes. Sketches turn into finished pieces made from collage, watercolor, acrylic, graphite, and other media. Finished drawings are immediately available for purchase for $50 each.

This partnership program between PCSC Arts Council and the Kimball Art Center
promotes local artists, making their artwork more visible and accessible to the community.

Live music, food, and a cash bar will be part of the experience.  

And we want YOU to be a part of it. Register below.


Name *
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Phone *
Link to website (if applicable)
(ie: simple, adventurous, bold)
Please submit a one paragraph bio/artist statement. We will use this copy in our artist promotion and outreach collateral.
Images *
To be considered for the 2019 Monster Drawing Rally I understand I must upload 3 image files of my work as well as a headshot or an image of me working in my studio by April 15.
Participation Agreement *
I agree to: - Attend the Monster Drawing Rally on Thursday, June 6, 6-9pm - Donate the work I create at the Monster Drawing Rally to the Park City Summit County Arts Council and Kimball Art Center - Create at least one piece of artwork in my 50 minute work session - Keep my piece to a max size of 11x17 - Work in a 2d format. Multimedia and layered work is ok. - Allow Park City Summit County Arts Council and Kimball Art Center to use submitted imagery for promotional purposes such as social media, PR and onsite collateral.
Fine Print *
Basic supplies will be provided (paper, pencils, crayons, markers, colored pencils). Artists may bring additional supplies. Artists may bring work that is partially started but it must be completed onsite (max size of 11x17 and two dimensional). Artists must be willing to donate all work created to PCSC Arts and the Kimball Art Center. We will promote participating artists through the event web page, promotional materials (press release, social posts, PR), and onsite through print collateral and in public remarks. Building relationships between new and established collectors and local artists is a goal of this effort. Event proceeds will support the production costs of the event and other similar events in the future.

To complete your application, please submit 3 images of your artwork for our jury to review via email: We will notify all applicants on the status of their application after the submission deadline (April 15).

If you images are too big to email, please use this free service to send a link for download to: