A 15 minute monthly segment on KPCW’s The Mountain Life curated by PCSC Arts on the connection of arts and culture to our mountain lifestyle.

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The Mountain Life KPCW

April 18, 2018

The Mountain Life shares a conversation about the connection of art and culture to our mountain lifestyle with a focus on how both can bring diverse groups together through a creative process. In this case, our local youth, with the help of a New York-based visual artis, Bisco Smith and local art and recreation groups will design and create in the tunnel that runs under State Hwy 224 at Kimball Junction. 

March 14, 2018

This month, Tim and Lynn discusses how arts and culture are woven into sport and how that will be framed in the 2019 FIS Freestyle, Snowboarding and Freeski World Championships in Park City. Calum Clark, chief of systems and operations for U.S. Ski & Snowboard, joins the conversation with Hadley Dynak. 

February 14, 2018

Tim and Lynn discuss the culture of rudeness with Danny Wallace. In his latest book, F You Very Much, the award-winning author, filmmaker, comedian, actor and host turns his incisive and hysterical insights to a common human epidemic... rudeness. Then it's the monthly art-and-culture segment with Hadley Dynak and Rayna Wiles, an experienced designer and graphic recorder, who will explain how to use “design thinking” approaches and “visual recording” strategies to tackle community challenges. 

january 17, 2018

Tim and Lynn explore the connection of arts and culture to our mountain lifestyle, curated by the Hadley Dynak of the Park City Summit County Arts Council.  It's a two-part conversation with a focus on food. Art and culture can influence activism, and how that's ringing true in Park City, with a newly formed group that hopes to tackle the food waste issue, inspired by a documentary screened at the Park City Film Series.

December 13, 2017

On The Mountain Life Lynn and Tim are joined by Paul Tan, local film producer, actor, writer and past producer of the Park City Follies and Hadley Dynak, Executive Director of the PCSC Arts Council to discuss The Art of Story.

november 8, 2017

On The Mountain Life this morning, Lynn and Tim will speak with NaVee Vernon, Summit County Historian, author, curator, and documentarian committed to preserving and sharing our past, along with Hadley Dynak, Executive Director of the PCSC Arts Council and curator of this arts and culture segment. 

october 11, 2017

In today’s program, Lynn and Graham speak with Hadley Dynak of the PCSC Arts Council and longtime Main Street gallery owner, Susan Meyer about the, "art of selling art."

september 13, 2017

Lynn Ware Peek and Graham Anthony talk about art and education with  Hadley Dynak of the Park City Summit County Arts Council, Abby McNulty of the PC Education foundation, and Amy McDonald of the Kimball Arts Center, three non-profits who partner to bring arts to education.