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Utah Climate Week
Virtual GAllery

Utah Climate Week (October 8-14) was created by the Utah Climate Action Network as a time designated to inspire and support conversation about the climate change issues in Utah. Organizations throughout the state seek to get community involvement in this initiative through special events such as film screenings, speaker panels, and other campaigns aiming to encourage public awareness and advocacy for climate change.  

The Park City Summit County Arts Council has joined with art galleries throughout Park City to activate the arts and raise awareness of Utah Climate Week. The following virtual showcase is compiled of artwork submitted by participating galleries. Each piece highlights the artist's depiction of themes relating to sustainability and environmental issues. These pieces can be viewed in person in the associated gallery windows or other dedicated spaces for the duration of Climate Week.

To learn more about the specific actions these galleries have taken to implement sustainability efforts in their own businesses, scroll down to check out the Utah Climate Week: Sustainability Efforts by Galleries post featured on the PCSC blog.


Right on Time- Bridgette Meinhold, Gallery Mar

Right on Time is a painting in encaustic wax by Bridgette Meinhold. Bridgette was key to engaging millennials and artists in the recent purchase of the Bonanza Flats land parcel by Park City Municipal, and she has personally delivered more than $25,000 to the cause through the sales of her work.
She has made her studio in a reclaimed shipping container and is very involved in green practices and outreach.


Giant Swallowtail- Chris Reilly, Meyer Gallery

Chris Reilly and his wife Michelle work exclusively with encaustic wax to create their artwork., including Chris's piece Giant Swallowtail. Encaustic paint is an ancient medium made with beeswax, a natural byproduct of bee honey, colored pigment and damar, a tree resin. This beeswax mixture is melted at 200F and painted quickly in 6–20 layers onto wood or a material such as canvas that is glued onto wood. 



A further Gleaning-Brenda Mallory, Julie Nester Gallery

These three artworks were created by Brenda Mallory while she was residing in the GLEAN Artist Residency at the Metro Waste Transfer Station in Portland, OR. The five month residency allowed five selected artists access to the array of discarded materials and junk in the massive Transfer Station warehouse. The mission of the GLEAN program is to prompt people to think about their consumption habits, to inspire creative reuse, and to initiate larger conversations about the waste society generates. Mallory's creative process has been focused for many years on use of found and recycled scrap materials. Mallory describes the experience of having five months to sift through the dump as "much the feeling of a kid in a candy store."

First Light-Susan Swartz, Susan Swartz Studios

First Light is a textured painting depicting the different colors and depths of water when light hits it, as well as revealing Susan’s various painting techniques.  All of Susan’s paintings are based on nature and are her interpretation of her surroundings.  Susan is an environmental activist.  She has worked with nonprofits and produced award-winning documentaries that focus on current environmental issues.  

Circular Divide Blue and pink-Curtis Olson, J GO Gallery

Circular Divide Blue and Pink is conceptually related to Curtis Olson's take on climate change. The artwork is a mixed media piece measuring 36" by 36".

Rebecca Klundt, Terizan Galleries

 The four pieces "A Gathering," "Metropolitan," "Evolution," and "Park City" are all created from wood and other materials gathered by artist Rebecca Klundt, who hand cut and painted every individual segment before assembling them. Each constructed painting measures approximately 16" x 16".

Golden Buffalo-Beverly Joubert, Kimball Art Center

Golden Buffalo photographer Beverly Joubert is a respected conservationist and filmmaker. Beverly and her husband Dereck Joubert are instrumental fighters in the effort to save wildlife in Africa. The piece is currently displayed in the Kimball Art Center giftshop.

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