BRANDed PC // A Pop-Up Shop and Editorial Spotlight of Our Local Creative Entrepreners

Three years ago the Park City Summit County Arts Council recognized a need to bridge the gap between arts and culture and creative entrepreneurs. From that realization came a dynamic experience to celebrate and highlight the creativity of local entrepreneurs: BRANDed PC. BRANDed PC is a pop-up shop created by Park City Summit County Arts Council to spotlight local creative brands and entrepreneurs who are each integral in making our county a gem of the Beehive State. This is a four day event to show our appreciation for the makers and risk takers amongst us.

Speaking to the spirit of the event, Jocelyn Scudder, Arts Council Managing Director explains that “BRANDed PC is a celebration of the power of community, the power of buying local, and the power of our local visionaries, makers and risk takers. Being a maker takes guts and hard work and we want to celebrate and showcase the creative, entrepreneurial spirit of these individuals and their products.”

Since its foundation in 2016, there has been a tremendous increase in interest and engagement from the creative entrepenruial sector. The first year, BRANDed represented just over 20 brands. There has been an increase in demand for this type of event, and in 2018 we are proud to represent 45 brands who either started their endeavors or are based in Summit County, UT.

"Starting a business isn't easy and often, it's a community that supports you until you get on your feet and to scale,” said local maker Christian Schauf, co-founder of Uncharted Supply Co. and 2017 Shark Tank contestant. “BRANDed PC is an example of community support and it was a great event for us last year. Our company operates and sells almost exclusively online, so to be able to have a location to showcase our physical products, talk to potential customers, and see what others in the community are doing as well is such a great opportunity for us.”

Makers participating this year include: 82 Degrees & Sunny, Art by Linda McCausland, Batch 21, Bridgette Meinhold, Cade&Co, CatTongue Grips, Dori Pratt, Elizabeth Carrington, Escapod, Franklin Woodworking, Gypsy Mountain Skulls, Helen Knows Best, IKOS, Juanita Marshall Ceramics, House Forty Eight, Lucky Penny Press, Lylo Design, Mark Maziarz/Rick Pieros Photography, Michael McRae, Motherlode Park City, Mountain Bear Ink, Mountain Body, Park City Publishing, PCPAA Ornaments, PCSC Art Lover Capsule Collection, RDP Nature Photography, Red Flower Studios, Ritual Chocolate, RSB Designs, Sage Press, Shannon Bahrke, Shred, Sien + Co, SJ3 Jewelry, Soul Poles, Stoked Roasters, Tandem Chocolate, The Chicks Company, The Huck Project, Threadheads, Ultimate Christmas Storage, Uncharted Supply Co, and Zenzee.

BRANDed PC will take over the Rockwell Room at 268 Main Street Dec. 18-22. The pop-up is a one-stop-shop to interact with local products and the stories of the makers who have boldly moved their vision forward. Not only is this the best opportunity you’ll have to buy local as you prepare for the holidays, there will also be live music, aprés hour, panel discussions, and workshops each day. Visit for details. 

The Park City Summit County Arts Council is thankful for the sponsors who have helped make this special event a reality. 

We are excited to celebrate with you! Bring your family and friends and support our ever-growing creative sector this holiday season.