Functional Art on Parade: Zafod Beatlebrox Profile

Main Street Park City is lined with galleries featuring art of every kind but during the Fourth of July parade.....the biggest and most interesting art projects will be cruising down the middle of the street.

Keep an eye out for 'THE FROG PRINCE', designed and owned by local artist Zafod (pronounced Zay-Fahd) Beatlebrox and 'THE PILOT FISH', designed by Zafod and owned by Park City physician, Dr. Harry Adelson. “Another favorite entry from past years was 'THE DOUBLE COMFORT VAN', which was two 15 passenger vans welded together back to back to make a 'push-me pull-you'.”

Zafod, well-known for his functional art, which creates a thing of beauty out of ordinary objects, has super-sized his creations by using his scientific and mechanical skills to create the fantastic cars which appear in our local parades and joined other unique creations at The Burning Man Festival, held annually in Nevada.

“I transformed a 1985 Toronado into a planter which is on exhibit outside the Kimball Art Center and most recently, Salt Lake City purchased 'DARE TO SWIM UPSTREAM WITH STYLE' which is a flying object installed permanently on Broadway opposite the Broadway Theatre; Automical Gardens.”

Zafod realized early on that his ideas come from looking at things differently and deeply. His early scientific and mechanical career satisfied his desire to make things but art satisfied his desire to create things. He works with clients to build projects which exceed the imagination and delight the eye but ultimately, everything must be functional.

“My mechanical abilities got me into welding and car mechanics. Early exposure to Burning Man art led naturally to the creation of art cars – I have launched four at Burning Man over the years.

Zafod has lived near Park City for over 25 years on his beautiful Brown's Canyon Aztec Art Ranch where his workshop is also located. His wife Lola, 2 dogs, a cat and 4 llamas keep him company. Over the years, he's found living in this area has been a good match. “There are diverse influences here and artistic things going on which have inspired me.”

Visit Zafod's website and prepare to be amazed!