Historic Home Profile: Part of Park City Culture

Historic homes are part of Park City’s charm and culture. Eric Younger and wife Debi have been in Park City for about 27 years but the house they call home, has been here much longer. Built in the late 1880's, the house has been expanded, upgraded and renovated over the decades perched on its lot at 1027 Woodside Avenue.

The Youngers were drawn immediately to the 'Old Town lifestyle'. “We like the idea of a home reflecting Park City’s history and also the convenience of being able to walk to Old Town attractions and restaurants”

When asked about the disadvantages of living in Old Town, Eric replied, “I don't think we feel there are disadvantages. We are close to everything. We have 3 social plans this week and none of them will involve driving.”

Like other Old Town homeowners, the Youngers complied with restrictions placed on renovations but they are supportive of most of the restrictions and hope the city takes a much firmer stand on current restrictions especially in commercial areas.

Some of the infrastructure of the home had been replaced during remodels in the 80's and 90's but at the time it was purchased by the Youngers, it had most recently served as a ski rental property stressing number of occupants over charm and historical character.

“We added substantial additional living space to the back of the home and removed load-bearing walls, requiring re-do's of supports and foundational work when the home was more than 100 years old so the rebuilding of the house was massive.”

Of course, the Youngers are quite proud of their home and Eric appreciates his wife's role in its design. “I am even prouder of the wonderful things my wife has done, design-wise, to make it the grand combination of historic features and convenient modern home.  When we did the rebuild 8 years ago, the contractor expressed great reservations over having my wife, with no ‘professional’ training, be the sole ‘decorator’ in the project.  When it was over, he said she was perhaps the best person he was ever involved with in redoing the house.”

That's quite a compliment to Debi Younger and a tribute to the revitalization of one of Park City's historic homes.


CultureBarbara Bretz