Lead Actor Spotlight // Jeremy R. Gross in The Who’s TOMMY

The Who's TOMMY

From July 6-29, Ziegfeld Theatre performs TOMMY on the Park City Egyptian stage. In the lead role will be Jeremy R. Gross.

A native of Wyoming, Jeremy has performed since childhood. “I remember singing as a little boy and making people cry with my beautiful soprano voice. I quickly became addicted to making people feel things through song.”

After earning five degrees in performing arts including a BFA in Musical Theatre in his home state, he eventually found his way to Idaho, and finally Utah where he discovered and fell in love with Ziegfeld Theatre.  

The role of Tommy is special due to its intensity and passion. “I've never played a role so metaphorical and representational of the ‘everyman’. Everyone can connect with Tommy on some level. Through him we see just how vulnerable people are and how unfortunate trauma can be. In a way he shows how we can become numb to it. He became deaf, dumb, and blind which is something we can all understand, whether it is chosen or as a result of unfortunate circumstance. Tommy also teaches us about the capacity for and necessity of forgiveness.”

Jeremy feels any scene where Tommy interacts with the younger version of himself is extremely powerful. “I have to check myself to keep from crying onstage as I help guide the younger versions of myself through some rough but all too real times.”

The role is extremely complicated and physically, vocally and emotionally challenging. “Tommy allows me to embrace a sense of freedom and has been a surprisingly healing outlet for me. I would say that the hardest part is remaining facially blank during the times I am on stage portraying the grown up Tommy when he is still deaf, dumb and blind.”

Jeremy's message to his potential Park City audience is, “You. NEED. To see this show. You will find yourself crying, holding your breath, and in awe of the INCREDIBLE Vocal talents of this cast! Don't let this be a show you miss. Come on an Amazing Journey with Tommy.”

To purchase tickets, go to egyptiantheatrecompany.org.