Musician Profile // Drummer Mighty Max Weinberg

Max at drums 2.jpg

Whether you're a fan of Mighty Max Weinberg as the power behind the drums in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band or The Max Weinberg Seven you'll never have as much fun with Max and his music as you will during his Juke Box event coming to The Egyptian Theatre, October 11-13.

Touring since April 2017, they are rapidly approaching 180 shows. According to Max, “It’s really a party, not a concert.  The audience just yells out their requests and we play them.  In a real sense the evening is very participatory.  Musically, we celebrate the era, have a fun evening, and help people relive this great music.”

A roster of over 300 songs, mostly from the 60's and early 70's, scrolls on the screen behind the band. With the house lights up, Max engages the audience from the stage and out in the crowd, meeting folks and taking requests. Every night is different and every night a nostalgic musical trip.

“The songs seem to be the soundtrack for people's lives if you came of age in the 60's or 70's,“ explains Max. “In many cases they're my favorite songs of a group or era. Others are songs I listened to and learned from to become a drummer—and then become a better drummer.”

The roster of songs is varied with “American Girl”, by Tom Petty being one of the most requested. “Like us onstage, audiences tend to love the Beatles, Stones, the British Invasion groups—and a healthy sampling of Bruce.”

Max has been to Park City before, back in 2013 when his TV band played at a Penske family wedding slope-side at Deer Valley. This fall, a unique three day engagement will hopefully give him and band members time to relax and enjoy what our community has to offer.

“I love Utah, in general and it’s hard to beat the glorious weather and scenery, so I'll be out and about.”

Catch Mighty Max Weinberg at the Egyptian Theater October 11-13. Buy tickets here.