Utah Climate Week: Gallery Sustainability Efforts

Gallery owners in Park City are not only displaying art created to inspire and teach about topics related to climate issues, but have taken specific steps in their businesses towards sustainability goals.

Several galleries have made the switch to LED lights in recent years, including Julie Nester Gallery, Meyer Gallery, Kimball Art Center, and Gallery Mar. These lights are not only up to 80% more energy efficient than traditional lighting, but are typically safer, sturdier, and less expensive.

Julie Nester Gallery switched more than eighty art lights to LED just over two years ago, now estimating a subsequent 50% decrease in their monthly bill. Susan from Meyer Gallery also noticed a significant decrease in her electric bill. She used to replace at least one light bulb a week, and loves that she hasn't had to change out a single bulb in the three years since the gallery switched to LED lighting.

While LED lights remain a popular option for businesses looking to make their company more energy efficient, there are additional sustainability efforts being taken by galleries in Park City. Kimball Art Center has reported their focused effort on properly recycling all eligible materials and reducing their waste. Gallery Mar reuses their shipping products, prints their materials on recycled content paper, and use green cleaning products. The gallery is also 100% powered by wind credits through Blue Sky, a voluntary program from Rocky Mountain Power that offers a way for clients to support renewable energy.

To view artwork that Park City galleries are displaying in support of Utah Climate Week, visit the PCSC’s virtual gallery.