Park City Singers: Bringing People Together

‘Tis the season to sing! Park City Singers have begun weekly rehearsals for holiday concerts that take place this upcoming holiday season on December 10th and 16th.  


Park City Singers community choir brings together all people who love to sing.  In many communities, a church choir is the only option for participating in choral music as an adult. Park City Singers of 45 to 60 members unites a variety of faiths, occupations, cultural backgrounds, and ages ranging from 13 - 83. Choristers improve their vocal skills in a non-competitive, friendly atmosphere. Park City Singers includes members from Snyderville Basin as well as nearby communities in Summit and Wasatch Counties.

Singing together creates friendships that bridge entire regions and fosters community involvement. We are fortunate to live in a community where we can participate in the arts. I enjoy working with fellow vocalists to create an experience that others will enjoy. Performing gives me a reason to maintain and improve my vocal skills. Attention to those skills also increases my appreciation for the performing arts. Many of my closest friendships formed with in vocal ensembles. Singing with others gives me a sense of belonging. Participating in the arts gives purpose to my life.

Park City Singers’ concerts provide family friendly entertainment that have become a holiday tradition for locals and seasonal visitors.  

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