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Adventures in the Visual Arts


These adventures will guide you to discovering the many art forms that are woven into the fabric of the Park City-Summit County community everywhere you look (and in places you might not think to look, too!)

Last Friday Gallery Stroll


Park City is home to over 20 art galleries displaying a vast array of art in many genres, mediums, and styles. Park City Gallery Association hosts the celebrated monthly “Last Friday” Gallery Stroll throughout the year, featuring exhibit openings, artist appearances and other special events. Many galleries are located in the historic district within walking distance, creating a rich accessible experience. Contact the Gallery Association for full details on member galleries, events, and the monthly Gallery Stroll. 

Steel Bug Art Sculpture


Explore the Adventure Alley trails at Park City Mountain by following the whimsical “snow bug” galvanized metal sculptures by local artist Fred Conlon that mark the entrance to each of the four trails all year long. The cohort of 12 playful trail-marking gnomes tower 10-30 feet above ground and elicit grins and giggles with their googly eyes, flailing limbs, and spherical, saw-toothed countenances. 

Sustainably Clever: Fred Conlon’s quirky creatures are imaginatively crafted from scrap metal and found objects that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. His artworks feature everything from nuts and bolts to motorcycle and transmission parts, and often convey a clever tongue-in-cheek message. His Hammer Head Fish garden sculpture is fashioned with – yes, you guessed it - the heads of carpenter’s tools, and the Bug Bomb has a body shaped like a hand grenade. Even his small office paperweights such as the Screw Ball, the Nut Case or the “F” Bomb prompt smiles while reducing the strain on the environment.

Print Making


For more than 40 years the non-profit Kimball Art Center has elevated the greater Park City Community through art, with art education, free exhibitions, and a variety of community events including the annual juried Park City Kimball Arts Festival. The work of printmaker, Nicole Pietrantoni, will be on exhibit in the Main Gallery through April 15. Her large-scale pieces cover entire walls and spill out on the floor, inviting you to look closer to delight in the details. In the Café Gallery, get a glimpse into the world Nature with the drawings and prints of Fred Montague.


Ice Arena Banners

Art for All! 

Summit County is rich with public art installations! Following the passage of the “Utah Percent for Art Act” in 1985, 1% of construction costs of new and/or renovated state public buildings is added to the project for the purpose of commissioning, maintaining and conserving site-specific art at, on, or in the facility. Public art goes beyond the expected sculpture or painting – it includes terrazzo floors, etched glass, ceiling panels, textiles, stair railings, risers, pavers, planters, landscape, fences, grates, and more. 

Find unexpected beauty throughout the community at nearly every turn. Start with the Park City Public Art Tour, and travel farther afield to explore public art throughout Summit County. 

Here are is a partial list of public art installations in Park City and Summit County to get you started: 

Bus Stop Art



Get a double dose of feel-good when you use Park City’s free municipal transit system – your kindness to Mother Earth will be rewarded with art innovatively fused with bus shelters. Enjoy the works of local artists at these bus stops:

  • Good Book – Library Bus Stop, 1231 Park Ave 

  • Copper – Skate Park Bus Stop, 1250 Park Ave 

  • Flames – Park Ave Condos Bus Stop, 1751 Park Ave 

  • Dogs of Bark City – Fresh Market Bus Stop, 1776 Park Ave 

  • Dragon – Adolph’s Bus Stop, 1723 Kearns Blvd 

  • Arts Kids – Learning Center Bus Stop, 2262 Kearns Blvd. 

  • Wild Star – Silver Lake Bus Stop, 7620 Royal St. E. 

SAC_Sculpture_MetalWoman (2).jpg

Community Art on Main Street  

The city of Coalville partners with Summit County to host Artscape, an annual exhibition of sculpture by local artists, displayed along Coalville’s Main Street for a year. Residents vote to select the winner of the “People’s Choice Award”, and the award-winning piece of art is then purchased by the City for permanent display. Make your way through Coalville to see the winners on display, including an airplane, a dragon, a miner, and a paper airplane sculpture.   

Dressed to Inspire: The 2011 People’s Choice winner, Leaf Dancer by Milt Neeley, a curvy female figure crafted of metal vines and leaves, has inspired engagement with the arts on a whole new level. Since its installation, residents have taken it upon themselves to dress the wire and metal figure in a variety of costumes. She has been a cook, a nun, Olympic swimmer, librarian, pioneer woman, circus ringmaster, firefighter, and more.

Franz the Bear.png

Park City/Summit County Public Sculpture 

Although it’s tough to surpass the exquisite mountains vistas throughout the area, Park City and Summit County have added to the beauty with public sculpture sprinkled unimposingly along the streets and near public buildings. Be sure to take note of these works of art as you explore the community.

  • Snowflakes, 1374 Old Sullivan Rd, in front of Old Miners Hospital 

  • Franz the Bear, 560 Main St, Old Town (He’s a favorite photo prop!)

  • Miner, 405 Main St, Miner’s Park 

  • Muses, 564 Swede Alley, outside Old Town Transit 

  • Sheltering Aspens, south entrance to City Hall, 445 Marsac Ave. 

  • Making Tracks, 2497 N SR 224

  • Urban Tornado by Lenka Konopasek, at the Summit County Building in Kimball Junction

  • Bronze Elk by Clark Bronson, inside the Summit County Courthouse in Coalville, 60 N. Main Street 

Art Pianos for All - Painted Piano


Art Pianos for All is a local non-profit with a mission to bring back the piano as a centerpiece of music, community, art and fun in Park City and Summit County, Utah. Artist decorated pianos are placed in public areas to be played and enjoyed by all. Currently there are 11 tuned and playable pianos placed throughout the county. The latest installation is an upright player piano painted by artist Kylie Millward, at Summit County's Kimball Junction Transit Center.  

Here’s a list of the Art Piano locations:

  • Miner's Hospital, Park Ave. Artist Sally Neilson.  

  • Kimball Junction Transit Center. Artist Kylie Millward. 

  • South Summit Aquatic Center in Kamas, lobby. Artist Sonny Luca. 

  • Silver Star Cafe, plaza. Artist Renee Mox Hall. 

  • Eccles Center at Park City High School, lobby. Artist TBD. 

  • Old Town Transit Center, main waiting room. Artist Gincy Plummer. 

  • Summit County Library, Ute Blvd. Artist Renee Mox Hall. 

  • New Park Hotel, front entrance. Artist Nathan Florence. 

  • Coalville City Hall. Artist Camille Vernon. 

  • The MARC (Municipal Athletic & Recreation Center), 1200 Little Kate Rd. Artist Josee Nadeau. 

  • National Ability Center, Quinn's Junction. Artist Kevin Arthofer. 




In addition to getting the guaranteed lowest rates, booking your lodging here is another way to help sustain art in our local community. A portion of your booking goes back to the Park City Summit County Arts Council.


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While we’re well-known as a mecca for mountain recreation, there are boundless opportunities to enjoy art, music, film, theater and other cultural events in Park City and Summit County.